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Re-post: Money - Dec 04

From Wednesday, December 22, 2004

My theories on personal finance:

Having MORE money than you realistically need to spend is *as stressful as* having LESS than you realistically need to spend. This is because we attach our spirits (energy and emotions) to that which we consider belongs to us. If we can't use it it just sits there doing nothing and our fear of losing it starts mounting. Believe me: I used to earn more than I could spend, and my maternal parents (mother & stepfather) had far too much. They never got a decent night's sleep for worrying about it. Have you read 'The Hobbit'? I'm thinking about Smaug the dragon.
The optimum amount of money to have, therefore, is just enough for your needs today. Not tomorrow or next week - that's too much!
If you trust the Universe to provide for your needs, it will. On the other hand if you run about trying to force your needs to be taken care of, in fear that they won't be then your negative thought forms (fear) create the very situation you're afraid of.

We don't *need* to have money in order to survive. Here in the UK we live in a temperate climate on a green and fertile island. Food, fuel and shelter are all around us, free of charge.
There's more than enough money to go round. And land and housing to share out. I believe that a decent house for their family to live in is everybody's birthright. Inequalities are naturally self-correcting and this one is no exception.
The only way to be sure of having enough money is to wholeheartedly accept the fact that you already have enough money. This replaces the negative thoughtform with a positive one. (Every thought is made up of a combination of electrical impulses, flashing around the brain. An electrical charge always produces an electrical field, so the field created by the highly complex system of charges in a thought, becomes the thought-form. Our world consists of nothing but vibrating energy particles which either repel or attract one another in clumps, according to prevailing influences, or thought-forms. This is how we co-create reality with our thoughts, as every ancient indigenous belief-system tries to explain.) Anyway, if you think about it, you do already have enough for today's needs. There's only so much food a person can eat, only so much space in which to feasibly keep any items you might want to purchase, only so many clothes you can wear at any one time. Too much is just that: surplus to requirements and therefore a problem.
Poverty and wealth are relative terms, unrelated to income. I know families with incomes 10x the size of mine, who consider themselves not to have enough money for their needs. I think this is because they've been conned by sales hype, one-up-manship or whatever, into thinking they need far more than they actually do. If you don't think you've got enough money, then no matter how much you have coming in, you're poor. Conversely, if you do think you've got enough, regardless of the actual amounts, you're rich. Poverty and wealth are states of mind, not figures on balance sheets. You can become rich in a flash, just by changing your mind and deciding you've got enough money. Deciding you're rich instead of poor makes a *massive* difference to your life. It frees up a reservoir full of energy with which to do other things. You stop feeling so tired all the time.


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