Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I reckon we're doing it subconsciously now

Our car is off the road, so we're ordering grocery deliveries, one every five days or so. We haven't been deliberately sparing in these, just ordered what we needed and paid the delivery charge on top of course.

A few days ago it occurred to me that I really should take an overview of all these orders, to make sure we were still living within our means, because it's so easy to forget to do the maths for a few weeks, then suddenly find you've run out of money without realising you were overspending.

So I gathered all the order sheets, the other household incomings and outgoings, pen and paper, and I did the maths.

I was relieved to find that we are still living within our means, but the weird thing was we were always within £5 of the amount we should have been spending on groceries.

It's not just me: we've all contributed to these orders, taking turns to compile and place them - whoever happened to be free to do the job at the time.

I hope I haven't just burst the spooky finance hivemind bubble by blogging it.


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