Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Hey big spender..

Well, I'm not one. But how does it happen every Christmas, that we end up needing about 3x more money than we think we have? Even more amazing is the fact that we somehow magically end up with just enough cash to cover everything. This is why I still believe in Father Christmas - I can't think of any other explanation.

Ok, we juggle some bill payments around. And my sister sends a hamper every year, bless her. And I keep telling myself: "It's just another day." We do not need to provide copious expensive presents for all and sundry. Everyone does not need a new outfit of clothes. And we don't need to buy more food than we can reasonably store, or eat.

I didn't even do my customary "There's more than enough money for Christmas" affirmatory chant this year. Gasp. I hope we're not jinxed, then. Maybe the effects are cumulative and we're kind of covered from last year.


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