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Re-post: CSC delivery - Nov 06

Wednesday, November 15, 2006

I swept our kitchen chimney a few weeks ago and forgot to do the dust-sheet across the chimney breast thing, so we got soot all over the rug. It'll sweep out, I thought. But it didn't. I forget how very black and pervasive soot can be. The rug was past its best anyway, so I rolled it up and stuck it in the garage and we were back to bare painted floorboards in the kitchen.

This was quite nice for a week or two. It made everything seem sparse and clear and clean in there. But the weather turned cold and we all started thinking, it would be nice to have something softer on the floor.

A few days ago one of the children asked me whether I'd buy a carpet for the kitchen, or at least for just the sitting area, where the sofa and armchair are by the stove.

"I'd buy a piece for there, yes. But it would have to be a pure wool carpet, peachy-beige, with green and red flecks. But pure wool carpets are expensive, so we'll see what turns up."

It turned up today, in my stepfather's car. He didn't even know what had happened to our old rug but was on his way to the rubbish dump(!) with an unused, surplus piece of pure wool carpet: exactly the right colour, pattern and size. There was even a softer cream rug to go on top, wool again, which I'd pictured in my mind's eye as the being ideal but not happened to mention to anyone else.

Everyone loves it, Lyddie and the dog were rolling around on it earlier, the teens were basking in barefoot-on-soft-floor-ness and we're all very pleased. Thanks, Cosmic Supply Company. It's not often I need or want anything nowadays, but it's good to be reminded how well the system works.

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