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Re-post: The Cosmic Supply Company - Feb 05

From Saturday, February 19, 2005

A few people have asked for more information on the Cosmic Supply Company, so I thought it might be helpful for me to set out the history of my dealings with this celestial enterprise.

I first heard of the CSC when my next-door neighbour at our old house in Todmorden, who I knew to be flat broke, turned up in my kitchen in a pair of absolutely gorgeous jeans, identical to the description she's given me the week before of her ideal, much longed-for pair of jeans. They looked like they'd cost at least £100 and yet I knew she'd have been pushed to find the bus fare into town.

When I'd finished salivating over them I asked her where they'd come from and she said: "The Cosmic Supply Company."

I can be a bit slow on the uptake sometimes, and we did live near hippy Hebden Bridge, so I assumed she must have been talking about a new shop and was totally flummoxed when she named one of the local charity shops and said she'd paid £4 for the jeans. "I set off into town with a fiver, knowing I had to get the perfect pair of jeans, so I just placed an order with the Cosmic Supply Company, and there they were on the back wall of the first shop I walked into. Perfect result."

But 15 years ago I was much more pragmatic in my thinking than I am now. We had two salaries and expense accounts coming in and I wasn't overly interested in the Cosmic Supply Company.

It obviously resonated with me on some level or another though, because a few years later we suddenly lost our incomes and expense accounts and I had to get creative regarding how I viewed money and life.

I started reading books about spirituality - Taoist books, then Buddhist, Hindu - then anything I could get my hands on. But the weird thing was that the books found me, not I them. I'd go into a book shop or a library and one would fall off a shelf, so I'd think "Oh OK - that's next," or someone would visit and bring a book that happened to really interest me. In this way I learned what I needed to learn in exactly the right order.

At first, I could accept that I was somehow 'supposed' to read certain books, but it was some time before it occurred to me that other needs could be catered for in this way. I was fearful about the loss of income, and convinced that we wouldn't have enough money to pay the mortgage, buy food, pay bills etc. I started to live very frugally and learned about gathering free food as this made me feel less vulnerable.

It was on these food-foraging trips around the local countryside that I started to make strange discoveries. A patch of edible mushrooms, just where we happened to look, fat blackberries, a gift of fresh eggs from a passing neighbour. I learned the knack of being in the here-and-now, enjoying the walk and not worrying too much about whether we'd find what we needed. We'd place the 'order' before we started out, then let it go and just relax. Sure enough, if we paid attention to our surroundings the stuff we needed turned up.

I started paying attention to my surroundings more and more, particularly on those frugal, carefully-planned supermarket trips and I realised that if I loosened up, relaxed and opened my eyes the most amazing bargains would appear - exactly what I needed, but at half, quarter, a tenth of the price I'd expected to pay.

Even though she'd moved on ages before, I now remembered S and her Cosmic Supply Company and realised we were dealing with the same thing.

Then I started to think big.

I had never liked the house at Todmorden. My ex chose it, I didn't get a say in the matter - well I did, but he ignored me and bought the house anyway - and I wanted to live closer to my family and my roots again, nearer to Halifax or Huddersfield. Also, I wanted to be on a hill. OK, Cosmic Supply Company, I reasoned, it doesn't have to be anything ostentatious. I don't want a mansion. But I would like a few bedrooms and a few downstairs rooms. Semi-detached would be fine. And a field - any kind of field, but some land to call our own. With a view. And no husband. (The husband had started doing his best to make life impossible for all of us, for reasons best known to himself and certainly not shared with me.)

I couldn't afford such a house. Could barely afford my own house. But I placed my order and then relaxed and let it go. A few days later, walking through Brighouse (in between Halifax and Huddersfield) I noticed a sheet of property details fall out of its rack onto the floor of an estate agents I was passing. Recognising the signs by now, I went in and picked it up. It was details of this house, on the market for money I didn't have and couldn't conceivably get, but I phoned up and arranged to view the house anyway.

Looking around the house, I *knew* it was mine, but had my own house to sell, a by-now-very awkward husband to convince, and a mortgage triple the size of my own to secure on no salary. Impossible. I went home to talk to my husband.

He took my determination to live in a house on a hill as a personal affront. The very last straw. Apparently it proved to him what a stupid and ridiculous person I really was and as a result of that very conversation, he was moving out. Packed his bags and left a few weeks later. Hurdle one completed. I didn't have to say or do much at all. (This was after about 5 years of me wondering how on earth I was going to get out of the disastrous marriage and feeling horribly trapped.)

With the CSC in mind, I told him to take whichever furniture and household goods he wanted. Sure enough, he emptied the house of everything I'd always hated and left the good stuff. I started to think I might be on a roll. I put the house on the market.

Nada. No interest whatsoever. For six months no-one wanted to buy my house. Then someone gave me some bright yellow paint they were going to throw away and I painted my front room with it. Within the week my buyer had arrived - I knew straight away she was the one - especially when she started talking about smudging sticks! I said she could have the house as long as she promised to carry on my tradition of throwing a Yule party for all the neighbours every 20th December. She's kept to her word.

My house on the hill will be sold by now, I thought. And anyway, I can't afford it. Then my stepdad said he'd help me financially by underwriting a mortgage for me and it turned out that the house was still for sale, at the same price but it had been re-roofed and re-rendered due to it's having been stuck on the market. So I said I'd have it as it was in perfect condition. I didn't even have a structural survey done. This house was going to be ours, come what may.

Then the survey from the house I was selling said it needed re-wiring. £2000 worth of work and I didn't have the money. My buyer agreed to go halves with me on the cost and I still didn't have the money to pay my share. She couldn't really afford her share either. Aaargh! Forcing myself to relax, I placed a CSC order and let it go. Later that day I wrote my car off - someone hit me with a pick-up truck as I was pulling out of a junction and pretty much sliced off the front end of it. I was shaken but unhurt and he was a nice man, really stressed out about the accident. "If I'm found to be at fault for this I won't get any more insurance and won't be able to work. I'm an electrician. I need to be able to drive."

Are you starting to see how it works? I smiled and said, "Don't worry, the accident was totally my fault. Will you rewire my house at cost?" He was immensely grateful and agreed straight away. He even put spurs instead of ring main wiring in for my buyer, because she'd been reading about the harmful effects of living in electrical environments.

We moved in here on a wing and a prayer, with no confidence of being able to meet even the first mortgage payment. It hasn't been easy all the time and we've been pretty much living on the CSC ever since, but we're still hanging in here nearly 8 years later.

So, as an active CSC account holder for more than 10 years, here are my principles for making CSC orders and having them supplied, that I've learned along the way:

The CSC sometimes has to be creative - even devious - about how it supplies your order, so you have to keep your eyes and ears open for the delivery all the time. You just learn how to live in an aware state of mind and be open to all possibilities. Signs of CSC activity are: things unusually falling off shelves, looking unusually bright or otherwise catching your eye.
Fear blocks the ordering process. If you are fearful you may never have your order delivered, chances are you won't. If you convince yourself you don't deserve the thing, you probably won't get it either. Trust is the key. Place your order, then stop thinking about it and trust the CSC to supply. It will, eventually.
The more familiar you are with the CSC, the less time will elapse between order and supply. The process definitely speeds up with practice.
Don't be too proud, too greedy or too choosy. Accept that the CSC knows your higher good better than you do and if the jeans you ordered turn up looking slightly different from the shape you had in mind, that's because the shape you had in mind wouldn't have suited you anyway.
The CSC will not supply anything for free that you want to pay for. The CSC will assume that if you are checking the price of your product and working out how to afford it, you want to pay for it. The CSC will tailor the price of your order to suit the sum you had in mind - sometimes less, but rarely more.
If you ask for things you don't need, which will just take up space and not be used, the CSC will not supply them. Or, actually it sometimes will, but only in such a way to teach you a lesson, for example by supplying far more than you ordered. I once wished for a Christmas tree and received a basement full of them. Such a pain in the neck they were to get rid of. Like I say, dealing with the CSC successfully takes a lot of practice.
The CSC works with your subconscious instinctive mind (spirit). So you have to learn to follow your whims and instincts and go where your spirit wants you to go. Walking down a street of shops, you might have a list of where you think you want to go, but if you put the list away, just follow your feet instead and keep your eyes open, you'll find your CSC deliveries.
Sometimes the CSC uses agents to deliver orders (like my pick-up truck driving electrician). So be open to people, talk and listen to them in case they have a message for you. Remember that the CSC delivers information as well as physical things and often the messenger isn't consciously aware that they're working for the CSC, so just be open to people and events and trust that the CSC will get your delivery through to you somehow.
The CSC works because we are conduits. When our cups overfloweth we too become CSC agents and suppliers. Don't sell stuff, give it away for free. Most people I know do that anyway. I do as well. The 3-fold rule works as well this way as it does for negative karma. Give and ye shall receive. But don't get narky about waiting for your payment, or the next person getting it first, or your delivery might be cancelled.
The CSC also works best when we drop the imaginary conspiratorial notion that things are actually worth bits of paper with pictures of the Queen on them. Things are not worth exchanging for bits of paper. That's a silly idea dreamed up and put about by chancellors, accountants, bankers and tax collectors. Things are really worth as much as someone needs them, and they're worth whatever the person wants to exchange for them, or has to exchange.

Tech asked whether I place my CSC orders as part of a ritual. I have tried it this way - by writing what I wanted on bits of paper, folding them small and keeping them in a special wish box. This worked to some extent but no better than just stating the need, then trusting it would be supplied and forgetting about it. Trust seems to be the key factor: it over-rides any fear, guilt, disbelief or anger that might otherwise block the process.

One thing I have found to work very well is spoken affirmations. Sung affirmations work even better. Someone once told me that singing is like praying, only tenfold. I think some kinds of prayers were originally meant to be affirmations - orders placed with the CSC. The thing about affirmations is that they only work if you say them in the present tense. Not: "We will have everything we want," but "We DO have everything we want." The CSC exists and functions in the realm beyond our linear past-> future timescales. It doesn't understand futures at all. The present moment is connected to infinity/eternity and this is the only connection through which higher-realm dwellers can communicate with us, and us them. So if you want something then, crazy as it sounds, say that you've already got it. Sing that you've already got it. Shout it from the rooftops and if you do everything else right, your order should be fulfilled.

I think the lesson of the CSC is that we're part of the universe - past, present, future - not separate from it in our modern little metal and concrete bubbles as we like to pretend. Our minds are the most complex mechanisms in existence. Every little simple thought sends millions of electrical charges zipping around, creating structured bio-electrical fields constantly. These do shape events, even though most of us are unconscious of this most of the time. Matter is nothing but particles of electromagnetic energy, time bends and loops in unpredictable ways when the observer changes perspective. Everything influences everything else, on very subtle, subatomic levels as well as more obvious ones like politics, psychology and economics. It's when you start to become conscious of this that the magic happens.

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Qalballah said...

CSC Feb O5 post

I love this post :)
7:49 PM, January 12, 2007
shukr said...

This is so cool.

Allah says in Qur'an,
'I am as my slave thinks Me to be, and I am with him when he remembers Me.'

this is the Islamic perspective on the CSC. It's pure hope, trust, Generosity, Love, action!

I love the way you explain how to tap in. It's a whole state of being.
10:06 AM, November 15, 2007
shukr said...

Just looked at the date you wrote it! I linked from Mieke perfect timing for me.
10:07 AM, November 15, 2007


Anonymous carl said...

Beautiful. Thank you for that - very uplifting!



November 17, 2011 at 11:17 AM  

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